The last time we heard from Mitochondrial Sun, mastermind and now former Dark Tranquillity member Niklas Sundin's fledgling explorations into the world of electronic music mirrored the intensity of his metal career, but through more of a synthwave catalyst. It was good, but, most of all, it was a sign of things to come. There was an intensity found in the project's self-titled debut which was only beginning to realize itself, and that realization fully arrives on the upcoming Mitochondrial Sun album Sju Pulsarer.

The digital black metal (yes) found on album opener "Pulsar 1" was an unexpected turn for a project which was, as described in another article, a left turn for multi-instrumentalist Sundin. Though his distinct attention to melody, something which has followed Niklas Sundin since the early '90s, is still largely intact, "Pulsar 1" is more about intimidating the listener -- enveloping them in a dense fog of synthesizers, drum machines, and distant howls. This is loud, fuzzy, and energetic: the next logical step from Mitochondrial Sun, but still an unexpected one. I mean, who would have thought the master of melodic death metal would find himself crafting black metal so far into his career? And it works! This is an enjoyable song, it just takes time to fully reveal itself. Lose yourself in an exclusive video premiere of "Pulsar 1" below.



Sju Pulsarer releases digitally November 13th with vinyl to follow on Argonauta Records in February.

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