MAR-duck? MAR-duke? Mar-DUKE?
by Cosmo Lee

What metal names can’t you pronounce?

Let’s help each other out. Use English words and syllables to denote pronunciation, with all caps for syllabic stress. For example, Metallica’s bassist is Robert True-HEE-yo. Got it? Good. I’ve listed some names below that perpetually stump me. Can you help?

– – –

Celtic Frost

SELL-tik or KELL-tik?

Dan Swanö

SWAIN-oh? SWAN-oh? Swan-OOH?


There are a lot of metal guys named Jørgen. How do you pronounce the o with the slash through it?

Also, is the J a Y sound, i.e., Jens Kidman = YENZ Kidman?


MAR-duck? MAR-duke? Mar-DUKE?

Mieszko Talarczyk

One of my all-time heroes, and I still have no idea how to say his name.

Mikael Åkerfeldt

We Yanks say “Michael ACK-er-FELT.” Is this right?

Every time I see that A with the little circle above it, I think of the California/Anaheim/Los Angeles Angels logo.

Peter T