Catness Will Prevail

I got Austin at a no-kill shelter. That doesn’t sound very metal, but it is true. When I got him, half his teeth were rotted and they had to be pulled out. (Ed. note: That sounds very metal.) I can only assume that being as hardcore as he is, he never had time to worry about dental hygiene. His name was already Austin, so I didn’t want to warp his brain with a name change. Weighing in at 25 lbs, he earned the title of “The Beast”. Austin enjoys, among other things, black t-shirts (to sleep on and cover in hair), watching people play Guitar Hero, and listening to Bongzilla and Crowbar. At 25 lbs, he can’t as much mosh as he can bob his head and enjoy the slow grooves. When we have parties at the house, Austin likes to stand in the middle of everyone, regulate circle pits, and serve as Pit Boss. Obviously given his size, he will eat anything, particularly meat. That being said, Austin really digs Cattle Decapitation and Pig Destroyer because he thinks both names sound delicious.

– Matt H

Exciter – I Am the Beast

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