Morbid Angel
Photo by Mark Coatsworth

Speaking of slow death metal — Morbid Angel were Southern sludge before the term was invented. I have always liked their murky, half-speed trudges the best. For me, Morbid Angel’s faster moments rarely translate well on record. This is partly due to a wide range of terrible production. Also, Pete Sandoval isn’t the hardest-hitting drummer, though he works up a mighty racket live. But when he slows down and allows Trey Azagthoth’s dissonance to breathe — look out! Morbid Angel are better at doom than many doom bands.

Here’s proof. I’ve collected and sequenced all of Morbid Angel’s slow songs to date. This was a tough task, as once Azagthoth got going with the sludgy vibe (around Covenant), Morbid Angel’s songs got much more diverse speed-wise. I’ve chosen songs that are on balance more slow than fast. I also left out “Hatework,” a slow song driven more by keyboards than guitars. (Morbid Angel’s keyboard interludes could form a mixtape in their own right.) While we’re waiting for the band’s next record (which might be a long time coming), enjoy this distillation of Morbid Angel down to a sweet, sludgy essence.

– Cosmo Lee

DOWNLOAD: Morbidly Slow Angel [86.69MB .zip]
*re-upped 26.06.10

1. Caesar’s Palace
2. God of Emptiness
3. Where the Slime Live
4. Blessed Are the Sick/Leading the Rats
5. At One With Nothing
6. Nothing Is Not
7. He Who Sleeps
8. Inquisition (Burn With Me)

For the humorous story behind the “slime pack” edition of Morbid Angel’s Domination album, see here.