Fenriz is the metal friend you wish you had. He's funny, his band Darkthrone rules sometimes, and he makes great mixtapes. For Vice's website, he's made a thrash mixtape called Trapped Under Vice, Vol. I. It is 79 minutes of banging, polka beaten filth, with Metallica and Slayer nowhere in sight (though some Slayer riffs crop up). My personal faves are Morbid, Whiplash, and Infernö. I hear a lot of the latter in NY street punk thrashers Villains. You can read Fenriz' "liner notes" to the mix here. Together with The LHP Thrash Primer from a few months ago, this mixtape should scratch your thrash itch for a while. You can download it here:

01. Necrovore (USA) 'Mutilated Death' (1987)
02. Mental Decay (Denmark) 'Eat the Posers Guts' (1987)
03. Pentagram (Chile) 'Profaner' (1987)
04. Necrodeath (Italy) 'Agony/Flag of the Inverted Cross' (1987)
05. Morbid (Sweden) 'Wings of Funeral' (1987)
06. Poison (Germany) 'Yog-Sothoth' (1987)
07. Devastation (USA) 'Devastation' (1987)
08. Merciless (Sweden) 'The Awakening' (1989)
09. Minotaur (Germany) 'Fall of the Gods' (1988)
10. Mutilated (France) 'Funerarium' (1988)
11. Deathhammer (Norway) 'Toxic Radiation' (2008)
12. Obliveon (Canada) 'Whimsical Uproar' (1987)
13. Obscurity (Sweden) 'Demented' (1987)
14. Morbid Saint (USA) 'Beyond the Gates of Hell' (1988)
15. Vulcano (Brazil) 'Guerreiros de Sata' (2003)
16. Whiplash (USA) 'The Burning of Atlanta' (1985)
17. Infernö (Norway) 'Thrash Metal Dogs of Hell' (2004)
18. Aura Noir (Norway) 'Iron Night/Torment Storm' (2008)

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