The Book of Metal Law is iron clad, inked in blood. It is of unknown ancient origins, weighs 10,000 pounds, and scholars were unable to decipher it until Black Sabbath wrote Black Sabbath.

This is part 2 of a 10,000 part series discussing Metal Law, set to the music of German heavy metal heroes Metal Law. Rule Number Two! Quit Your Job! (Cannon fires.)

You’re out on the open road, you feel the wind in your hair, hard steel in your hands. You're weary from a long day at work. You're listening to "Lawbreaker," feeling the thundering riffs, drinking deep of the steaming hot licks (don't burn your tongue...). The group chorus comes in—"LAW-BREAKER!" This is where you belong—heed the highway’s siren song. Time to, as Metal Law (the band and The Law) says, commit to the leather jacket.

From their masterpiece "Lawbreaker," off of Lawbreaker:

I see my fire burning, I feel the rage in me
I find the way out my destiny
I wear my leather jacket, you can stare at me
I know that you're judging me, all the time

Energy straight from my heart, to remember what
I am, to remember what I'll be

Lawbreaker... Lawbreaker…

Time for a cold shower.

What is it about METAL that it fights for fierce independence and collective metal brotherhood at the same time? The desire to be free yet longing for companionship and shared ideals? It's a tension explored across Metal Law's oeuvre, on songs like "Night of the Wolf," taken from the 2007 album of the same name:

In the night of the wolf
I’m not the one
In the night of the wolf
Fall deep in that dream
In the night of the wolf
I’m alone on my way
In the night of the wolf

The morning arrives and I realized
It is no dream, but the truth
In the night of the wolf, I’m rather alone
But I hope, that it will never be

Our protagonist, a werewolf, is torn between his nature as beast and man. The horrors within. Find yourself! In METAL! And quit your job! Hell yes!


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