Dear IO Readers:

Our Metal Cartoon Caption Contest has been on a bit of a vacation for the last few months, but with warm weather on the horizon, the contests are back, just as you yourselves begin planning your summer getaways.

As you can see from this image -- created, as always, by the wonderfully talented and imaginative K. Ann Sulaiman -- we have the members of Absu precariously positioned at sea in what appears to be their own tropical voyage, and it is up to you to tell us what is going on. What are they saying to each other? What are they looking for? What sea are they on?

Post in the comments below a potential caption for the above cartoon and the most clever and witty winner will be selected and asked to request a band to be featured in the next installment of our Metal Cartoon Caption Contest. Entry for this contest will close at midnight on May 2.

— Kelly Kettering


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