Well everyone, Halloween is almost upon us. What are you dressing up as this year? King Diamond? Oderus Urungus? The little boy from Up?

No matter what you wear, I'm sure you will have a delightfully scary time on this evilest of all evil holidays. But considering we at IO can't transport candy to you through the Internet (or bourbon; in my opinion, bourbon > Snickers bar) we will be giving you another treat: our next metal cartoon caption contest! This time, it is inspired by Struck By Lightning.

So if you think you can be funnier than I was in this set-up (I try to keep the bar low, folks) leave us your best Struck By Lightning caption in the comments below. The winner will be able to pick the subject for Caption Contest #7. Entries will close at Midnight PST one week from today on Friday, November 4th.

— Kelly Kettering

. . .