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It's the end of a brutal week, and I have only questions.

  • Can you believe that one of the first things I learned to play on guitar was the blues run that starts Warrant's "Sometimes She Cries"? (RIP Jani Lane)
  • Why do bands still try to play melodic death metal?
  • In the hypothetical Born-Again Christian All-Stars Band featuring Nicko McBrain on drums, Dan Spitz on lead guitar, and Dave Mustaine on vocals and rhythm guitar, who should be the bassist?
  • Does anyone remember the throwaway instrumental final track of Morbid Angel's Heretic called "Born Again"? Does anyone else think that it sounds like those YouTube parodies where that guy makes guitar gods sound like crud?
  • Do people still listen to Ghost?
  • When the winner of Caption Contest #2 instructed K. Ann Sulaiman to make a cartoon about Ghost or Morbid Angel, did she realize that "or" did not mean "and"?
  • What the hell is going on up there?

If you have any idea, and think you can be funny about it, leave it in the comments below.

The funniest/least bad caption will pick the subject for Caption Contest #6. Entries shall close at midnight PST a week from today, Friday, August 19.

— Cosmo Lee

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Morbid Angel - "Born Again"

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