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I know that our resident cartoonist K. Ann Sulaiman has a random imagination. But even I was unprepared for how random this cartoon is, ostensibly featuring Arizona-based "sci-fi thrash band" Vektor. I have no clue what is going on.

Do you?

If so, please leave a caption in the comments below. You can leave multiple comments, but be reasonable. The reader with the funniest caption will pick the band/musician featured in caption contest #5. Thanks to reader DieByTheChord, who won contest #1 and had the good taste to pick Vektor for this contest.

Vektor are the only young thrash band that I care about. 2009's Black Future, an unheard classic, still blows my mind. Picking up on late '80s "techno-thrash" (Coroner, Watchtower, et al.), Black Future bursts with neural and physical activity. To me, it's up there with Deadsea's self-titled album as one of the towering progressive (as in truly progressive and forward-thinking, not the industry definition of "prog" (Dream Theater, etc.)) metal albums of our time. You can stream it in its entirety and buy it below. If you haven't heard Vektor before, you're in for a treat.

This just in: Vektor's Facebook says that a new album is coming in October!

— Cosmo Lee

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