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This is our first metal cartoon caption contest.

Our resident cartoonist, K. Ann Sulaiman, has a wonderfully strange sense of humour. (She spells it that way because her country plays football without helmets.) You can see more examples of it at her blog, Me(n)tal-Meltdown.

She's a dab hand at sketches, but admits she's daft with captioning them. And I, whose job in hell will be captioning Family Circus cartoons for eternity, am no help here. That's Seth Siro Anton, frontman and cover artist for Septicflesh (yes, one word, I give up), doing, well, something.

It's in your face, but you can't grab it. What is it?

Leave your answers below in the comments. Multiple captions per entrant are allowed (but be reasonable). The person with the funniest caption gets to pick the band/musician featured in the third metal cartoon caption contest. This contest closes at midnight PST a week from today, Friday the 13th.

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(While you try to be funny, you can hear a song from Septicflesh's new album The Great Mass below. You can order the album here.)

Septicflesh - "Rising"

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