by Cosmo Lee

Menace Ruine is a shadowy male-female duo from Montreal. Their full-length debut, Cult of Ruins (Alien8, 2008), proffers a vision of hell that isn't dark and foreboding like its grayscale artwork. Nor is it red and orange like the Christian Crayola invention. Instead, it's a blinding flash of light. The full color spectrum sears the record like a soldering iron to the ass. "Process of Bestialization" recalls the glory days of Anaal Nathrakh, when they turned black metal into a demented funhouse. The haunting female singing in "Kill the Egregore" evokes Ludicra. With charred vocals and blown-out shoegazer distortion, "Dove Instinct" is Nadja gone black metal. The 12 minutes of "Bonded by Wyrd" relentlessly drill pulsing guitars into tumbling blocks of percussion. Like Blut aus Nord, Menace Ruine transform the drum machine into a grand gesture of futility. Death metal was about superhumanity; black metal is about glorifying the limits of humanity. Optional: virtuosity. Required: the desire to scar everything - oneself, others, the whole fucking world. The future looks to be a smoking rubble of Linn drums soaked in blood.

Kill the Egregore
Dove Instinct

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