Mêlée des Aurores' first album in 15 years unveils an absolute nightmare universe not yet traversed in their last album. Aube cannibale ("cannibalistic dawn") draws influence from the "dissonant" black metal world and turns it into something absolutely impenetrable. Using "piano, contrabass, violins, keyboards and other mutilated instruments," this Quebecois duo's points of comparison are obvious, but the execution found here is suffocating and less focused on technicality, instead opting for big atmospheres via slow-moving chord progressions and vast, horrific harmonies. With this arsenal of traditional and prepared (read as: played in unusual ways) instrumentation, Mêlée des Aurores are able to look beyond the simple rock band format that most "dissonant" bands normally do and instead concentrate heavily on nightmare textures, resulting in a particularly terrifying black metal record.

Listen to Aube cannibale in full ahead of its release date below.

Aube cannibale is out November 23rd via Sepulchral Productions.