Today begins the country's biggest and best heavy metal festival: Maryland Deathfest. The lineup is ridiculous (Electric Wizard? Mortuary Drape?! Fucking GODFLESH?!?) and the weekend's weather report is, well, not great, admittedly. But whatever. The bands playing this thing are too damn insane to bother caring about anything else.

Anyway, to celebrate the insanity, the staff of Invisible Oranges has spent the last few months writing, laying out and publishing a program to be given away for free at MDFX! We printed 4,000 copies of the thing, so if you're lucky enough to be in Bodymore, Murderland this weekend, you'll have no trouble getting your hands on a copy. But if you're not so lucky, we've made the guide available for you to download as a PDF. The cover art is by Putrid, the layout and design is by our own Jaci Raia, and the editorial was managed by "Grim" Kim Kelly. Check it out!

Also, the IO staff will be live-tweeting the festival -- follow us at @invisoranges to keep up with the chaos! (Seriously, half the staff is crashing on Richard Street-Jammer's couch/floor/fire escape, and I heard Dragged Into Sunlight's crew will be joining them sometime in the next few hours.) Memorial Day Weekend in Bawlmer, baby. Total fucking destruction.

--Mike Nelson


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