Swedish crust punks Martyrdod are following 2014's Elddop with List on November 25 via Southern Lord (pre-order). We're premiering the video for lead single "Harmagedon," which is truly a ripper. It starts out as some brutal, breakneck-speed D-beat, but "Harmagedon" quickly reminds you that Martyrdod are no average crust punks. It breaks into a middle passage that's slow and kinda beautiful, and eventually it brings in the kind of guitar solo you usually hear from NWOBHM and classic-thrash bands. It kinda deserves the word "epic." The band tells us, "This song pays homage to all people that keeps on fighting against all odds. Against supreme annihilating oppression. It's a song of these current times." The video is mostly footage of the band playing, spliced with some war images, which suits this song pretty perfectly. Check it out:

The video was produced by Jimmy Johansson, who also shot the above picture and adds, "This is how I imagined what a Martyrdod video would look like. Intense, chaotic, in your face but yet beautiful and clear." Martyrdod also have two 2017 European festival appearances planned. Also, for European fans, vinyl orders should be made through La Familia & D-TAKT & RÅPUNK (CD and digital is still Southern Lord though).


Martyrdod -- 2017 Tour Dates
March 3-5 Netherlands Death Fest - Netherlands
March 30 Close-Up Båten - Finland/Sweden

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