Inmates by Sarja Hasan


Cleveland hardcore band Inmates teamed with Massachusetts's Hoax, NYC's Warthog (ex/current The Men, Nude Beach, etc) and Murderer on a balmy Saturday evening in NYC (1/12), part of a set of shows for the Cleveland crew. The resulting evening was a sell-out for the modest punk-friendly room in Brooklyn, and meant a swaying night of mayhem and brutally good time. Pictures and video from The Acheron on 1/12 are below. The show was Inmates' first appearance in NYC since late 2010, when the band played a set of dates with Systematic Death (pictures).

While many may confuse Inmates as a project that spun off of Aaron & Lenny Melnick's membership in the early days in Integrity, in fact both ran concurrently. Integrity's focus has always been that of meshing brutal hardcore with the occult and metal, while Inmates is more concerned with hardcore punk's infancy, leaning more on nihilistic bands like Negative Approach instead of Slayer. The result fit nicely with today's crop of brutal punk revivalists like Hoax.

Warthog by Matt Schiels

Warthog - Brooklyn, The Acheron 12 Jan 2013 from (((unartig))) on Vimeo.

Hoax by Sarja Hasan

Hoax by Matt Schiels

Hoax - Brooklyn, The Acheron 12 Jan 2013 (Entire Set) from (((unartig))) on Vimeo.

Inmates by Sarja Hasan

Inmates by Matt Schiels

Inmates - Brooklyn, The Acheron 12 Jan 2013 from (((unartig))) on Vimeo.

photos by Sarja Hasan, Matt Schiels

words by Fred Pessaro