Black metal is hugely evocative for me: there's something about the onslaught of guitar and incessant drumming that takes the focus away from the individual notes and shifts it onto the sentiment that the entire work creates. Taking inspiration from their coastal surroundings, the Canadian black metal trio Liminal Shroud blends the stoic wonder of nature not into their lyrical subject matter, but into their entire musical direction as a subliminal current. The unrelenting nature of streams eroding stone over millennia, floods shaping and destroying civilization's foothold on land: these are the thoughts that fill the mind as the band's surging black metal surges takes purchase. Dive into the debut single "Sentinel" from their upcoming album Through the False Narrows now.



As the titular sentinel contemplates inevitable nothingness, "Sentinel" opens with classic, rhythm-heavy black metal -- every bass drum note is present and accounted for in the pulsating blast beats that fence in the dense tides of tremolo harmonies. When that abates, the band shows off some less-furious riffs as well: dark, gloomy constructions that kindle emotion before the dual-guitar frenzy ignites once more.

Sitting somewhere between lush, atmospheric domains and scream-laden dungeons, Through the False Narrows is musically in a hybrid state not unlike the coast the band is physically located on. On "Sentinel," walk along a shore of poignant natural majesty, but take care: dark waves lap at your feet underneath.


Through the False Narrows releases November 20th, 2020 via Hypnotic Dirge Records.
Regarding "Sentinel," the band comments:

"A lone figure stands above a precipice, stares into the void, and foresees a future without hope.
We strive to bring melody and emotive intensity into our music while keeping the compositions dark, dynamic and vital. Sentinel is an example of this approach, with the structure built around downcast yet forceful twinned bass and guitars as, lyrically, it explores the paradoxes of virtue, bitter acceptance of futility, and ultimate embrace of inexistence."

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