Attaching the label 'cosmic' to something, especially in art, often comes with an implication of dehumanization. For instance, cosmic horror is horror where mankind (and anything we have to offer) is irrelevant, and that irrelevance is what generates the terror. The same sometimes goes for cosmic black metal, but Sweden's Lightlorn offer a compelling deviation from this expectation. On their debut EP These Nameless Worlds, the band takes inspiration from our universe at large, but does so with an intensely personal perspective. Like a stargazer on a pitch-black night, Lightlorn gazes up at near-impossible vast stretches of sky and captures both the wonder and the inhuman majesty of our surroundings.

These Nameless Worlds hums with a vintage warmth, sketching out the stars with crackling guitar tones and punchy drums. It's an exuberant release, sweeping up listeners in its wake as double bass and layered guitars chart a breathless course through the ether. Taking notes from post-metal on cinematic pacing and structure, the EP is melodic at its core, with powerful leads serving as an emotional backbone–especially the occasional piano part. Though exuberant energy propels everything forward, there's also a sense of yearning: whether homesick or starved for adventure, it's hard to say, but this ambiguity remains an emotional centerpoint for the whole journey. Ultimately, that anchoring makes These Nameless Worlds' cosmic scale that much more compelling, reframing the enormity of it all from a more human point of view.

Stream These Nameless Worlds below in full.



The band comments:

If you've ever gazed up at a starry night sky and felt insignificant, small, and alone, then you've already heard this album. Perhaps not these exact songs or melodies, but you've felt the emotions they're trying to convey. We really hope these songs resonate with listeners, and we're looking forward to writing and releasing more music.


The These Nameless Worlds EP releases October 28th independently via Bandcamp.

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