For picking up girls, Lecherous Nocturne isn’t the best band name. It does have a selling point, though – Nile guitarist Dallas Toler-Wade played drums on debut album Adoration of the Blade (on Deepsend). Toler-Wade recently left to concentrate full-time on Nile, and current Nile touring bassist Joe Payne did time in the band as well. Mike Poggione, of Monstrosity and Capharnaum notoriety, currently handles bass for Lecherous.

Lineup details aside, the music more than holds up on its own. Expect brutal, somewhat technical death metal that indeed recalls Nile at times in epic scope and Hate Eternal in relentlessness. But probably more of an influence are the New York “-tion” bands, especially Immolation in the droning slow parts. The songs are tight, efficient, complex, and unrepetitive. Vocals range from midrange to low growls, with some Erik Rutan-esque inflections. Because of the speed at which things fly by, the songs take time to digest. But once you zero in and listen with open ears, you’ll hear a band that’s fully in control. To see a video of new drummer Jeremy Nissenbaum playing “Kampagne” from memory, go here.

Lecherous Nocturne – Kampagne
Lecherous Nocturne – The Divine Wind

Admittedly, in a blind listening test I probably couldn’t pick out Lecherous Nocturne in a lineup with some of the above-named bands. But that also means the quality is right up there with the others. Adoration is a strong debut, and I’m eager to hear the band build on this base. You can pick it up at Deepsend and CM Distro.