Leather Nunn’s ultra-rare Take the Night LP has sold for a teeth-rattling $914.04 on eBay. Details are skimpy on this Jacksonville, FL band, whose only release was this album, limited to 500 copies, on Key in 1986; Greek imprint Metal Reunion reissued it with four bonus tracks on CD, limited to 1000 copies, in 2003 or 2004. Encyclopaedia Metallum’s entry ends with the mysterious sentence, “After the end of a tour they got in a automobile accident, which meant the end of the band.”

Leather Nunn
Take the Night

Stylistically, this is straightforward, melodic traditional heavy metal (think a poor man’s Judas Priest). Each song has its own identity, and the first half of the record is stick-in-your-head catchy (my favorite couplet: “In my world, rock ‘n’ roll is what I trust / Now you’re here, you’re ready for a night of lust”). The album is well-done, though whether it’s $914.04 of well-done is debatable.

The band’s website has clips of each song in the wretched .ram format (which you should hear with Real Alternative, the benign alternative to RealPlayer). Amusingly, the bottom of the page has a call for copies of the LP. If you (understandably) don’t have the intestinal fortitude for eBay, the CD is marginally less tough to find. An outfit called Harder Edged Music carries it here.