Norwegian metal rippers Kvelertak's power pop side shined through more than ever on last year's excellent Nattesferd (one of our favorites of 2016), so it's not too much of a surprise to learn that two members also have a power pop side project. Vidar (guitar) and Marvin (bass) formed the band Beachheads with Espen ("a metal drummer with a pop heart") and Børild (a "former synth-pop singer"). They released their first single in 2015, and now they're set to release their self-titled debut LP on February 3 via Fysisk Format (pre-order). So far four songs are out from that album, and we're premiering a fifth.

"Una" has a riff that could've been pulled from the Kvelertak catalog, but the other previously-released singles are driving power pop of the Weezer, Teenage Fanclub, and late-period Husker Du variety. The new song that we're premiering, "Give Me Som Love," is maybe their most sentimental song yet. It's a major-key jangly rocker that you could almost picture on a Go-Betweens album. Check it out, along with the other four songs, below.

1. Moment of Truth
2. Break Me Down
3. Your Highness
4. Despair
5. Una
6. Give Me Some Love
7. Reverberations
8. Procession
9. Treasure Chest
10. Monologues
11. Addiction Not Love
12. It Feels Alright

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