There are times when you just need to go over the top. In fact, sometimes you need to go so far over the top that you go hurtling eyeball-first into a mutant beast's death pit and end up as a not particularly long-lasting lawn ornament there. These are the times when you need Kryptik Mutation in your life, whose quick-hitting death metal takes notes from the energy and pace of thrash metal, but girds itself with the bludgeoning tones of slam and death metal for excruciating impact. And, importantly, the extremely eye-catching album art of their debut album Pulled From the Pit depicts just the kind of ridiculous demise that this kind of music is exquisitely suited to describe. Start your upwards (and then downwards) trajectory now with our exclusive premiere of "Placentapede":

The Texan band doesn't waste any time getting into things here, launching into a series of violent hammer blasts to punctuate their creepy-crawly riffing. It's questionable whether that, or the slow and sinister breakdown-like ending to the song is more heavy-hitting, but the fast-to-slow construction feels like a victim's failed flight from a predator, ending with the knowledge of certain death as the monster approaches—or worse, prolonged, agonizing life.

Vocalist Christopher De Leon comments:

"Placentapede" is inspired by host-type monsters like the obvious Alien / Face-huggers. The title itself was fun to work around, so writing lyrics to it was almost like writing a script to a horror movie.


Pulled From the Pit will be released May 7th, 2021 via Redefining Darkness Records.

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