Dirty black speedpunk is a particular favorite of mine when it’s done well, and cult German label Dying Victims Productions have a special ear for the stuff. Their latest offering is from German compatriots Knife, whose sharp-edged aesthetic (seriously, not a pun—just check out that handsome bladed logo!) matches well with a sense for heavy metal melody that helps them stand aside from waves of other bands that worship at the twin altars of Venom and Motörhead.

The new single, “Inside the Electric Church,” comes from the band’s upcoming eponymous debut and much like the Midnight song, this evil is like a knife. Constant Maiden-esque trilling lead melodies set the tone for the song from the start and blaze in and out throughout the length of the song, with rapid fire changes between dark pulsing punk chords and dual leads maintaining a tension that lets the song’s big choruses hit that much harder.

Watch the video below for the track below, which oozes with all the seedy VHS horror and headbanging fervor the track absolutely deserves:



The band comments:

"Inside the Electric Church" is the second single of our debut album “Knife”, foreshadowing the storm that will rage and settling a score with religious arsonists and false prophets. Furious drums, thunderous bass, screaming voices from the depths and ferocious guitars. The KNIFE strikes again.

The video was shot at Vortex in Siegen/Germany, filmed by Tony Rink.

Many thanx to Phil and Tony for the support and great work. We raise the KNIFE to thee!!


Knife releases October 22nd via Dying Victims Productions.

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