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The time is now for Kayo Dot fans to come to the aid of their band. Now that their former label Hydra Head has finally gone the way of the dinosaur, frontman Toby Driver has released a teaser of their new double album, Hubardo, streaming below.

At this point, Hubardo is unmastered. Preorders received now will go into the fund to master and manufacture the album. They just need a bit of help getting it done in time for their 10th anniversary coming up later this year.

Hubardo sounds fascinating. It's a conceptual epic double-album, with story and lyrics written by longtime lyricist and former maudlin of the Well vocalist Jason Byron. The 13-minute teaser presents their mix of heavy doom elements, woodwind and synth, lush orchestration, choral moments, and disorienting swirling noise. The album was recorded with some familiar names from the past: Toby Driver on bass, keys, guitars and vocals; Terran Olson on keys and woodwinds; Daniel Means on woodwinds and synth; Mia Matsumiya on violin; Tim Byrnes on brass; Keith Abrams on drums; and Ron Varod on guitar (who is a frequent live contributor but appears here on a recording for the first time). Lyricist Jason Byron also contributes guest vocals, his first recorded appearance since 2001 with maudlin of the well.

In a statement released recently, Driver says, "We need to sell about 200 more copies of the vinyl to move this along! Thanks so much for your ears & heart & continued support!" Preorder at their site and choose between . 3xLP Deluxe, Standard, and Digital-only editions, featuring limited 200 gram colored vinyl in triple gatefold (six huge panels of artwork), a 5-chapter poem by Jason Byron entitled "The Sword Of Satan", signed poster, T-shirt, guitar pick and sticker.

— Vanessa Salvia

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Track Listing:
1. The Black Stone (~7:00)
2. Crown-In-The-Muck (~9:00)
3. Thief (~5:30)
4. Vision Adjustment To Another Wavelength (~5:00)
5. Zodelida Caosaji (To Water The Earth) (~6:00)
6. The First Matter (Saturn In The Guise Of Sadness) (~9:30)
7. The Second Operation (Lunar Water) (~10:30)
8. Floodgate (~7:00)
9. And He Built Him A Boat (~7:00)
10. Passing The River (~8:00)
11. The Wait Of The World (~18:00)

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