Even in this age of social media aesthetics and with good cover art commissions cheaper than ever, it’s genuinely rare for a release to have such perfectly fitting art, like the one gracing the cover of Iron Curtain’s new Metal Gladiator mLP. I see a badass hand-drawn monochrome warrior in a dungeon with torture implements, I expect rough and raw heavy/speed metal a la Tank, and hey, what do you know, that’s exactly what Metal Gladiator is.

This is rude, crude, and mean worship in its most primal–but that does not mean it is without some identity and class. The vocals are great, there’s some awesome melodic parts, and the musicianship all around is rock fucking solid. As my introduction to the band this makes me want to pump my fist and buy the rest of their records, and the sheer passion for heavy metal as well as the higher level of songwriting and musicianship as compared to most similar bands really elevates it. This is heavy metal to drink and party to, sure, but it’s also just really well done feel-good stuff too. These guys have been around for 15 years at this point and that shows in the depth that they bring to this normally very-simple style: it’s genuinely badass, and I don’t say that lightly. Highly recommended!

Read below for a quote from the band, and blast Metal Gladiator loud!

Metal Gladiator EP is a significant moment for our metallic career. First, it was recorded by ourselves in our new ‘Gorgon Studios’ after all the pandemic times and second, it’s a return to our raw and dirty sound, the way we worship HEAVY METAL.

This EP is the way to introduce our new guitarist Juanma. We have been working hard during the last years, Metal Gladiator is just the first metallic strike to come. It’s a new start for us.

We put a lot of energy, electricity and dedication into this release, it’s ‘Heavy Metal without Anesthesia’!!


Metal Gladiator releases February 24th via Dying Victims Productions.

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