I can’t think of a more fitting word for Irkallian Oracle’s work than "entastic." You might be more familiar with the word’s antonym, “ecstatic.” As in rooted in "ecstasy," or "a trance rooted in outward experience," but the dense, terrifying sound of Irkallian Oracle has always been inward. In meditation, one seeks entasy, or "the experiences, or abolition of experience, arising as a consequence of those meditational, etc., techniques which withdraw the practitioner from the world, and even from awareness of the self." The world is a poisonous distraction, full of human filth, noise, and influence which crushes the internal spirit.

Lose yourself under the crushing weight of Irkallian Oracle’s own enstasis, cast under the shadow of Apollo, and remember that death metal is so much more than heaviness. It can be transformative. Granted, Irkallian Oracle’s inward journey, however horrifying, is far from agonic, their mysterious, ever-changing cast of characters entranced by bass-heavy, fluid, amorphous death/doom plod. There is a sort of beauty carried by such bleak horror, flowing from the ruptured casket a viscous stream of concentrated nightmares, thick, unconfined, and deep.

Listen to an exclusive track, "Apollyonic Enstasis", below. Irkallian Oracle’s latest opus, Apollyon, is currently available on CD from Nuclear War Now! Productions with vinyl to follow in the near future. Lose yourself in your nightmares.

—Jon Rosenthal

From the band:

"Ekstasis is the state of being outside-of-itself. A pilgrimage of impure knowing into that which is yet unknown – identified in the grave as the vehicle for the great Other. This is "contrasted" or rather followed, by the state of Enstasis (being inside-of-itself), where the subject is submerged into itself again, yet in a wholly pure and direct form. The unknown has thus become known or, in other words, the subject experiences itself by virtue of nothing but its own clarified substance. And it is about this state of pure selfhood that the album Apollyon delves into and speaks of; the holy position of unmediated existence that is only attained through a descent into uttermost darkness. Here it is revealed as the Abysmal Angel, the Sun of Midnight, the circle crowned at the heart of the circle. And all that you believe to be you is but a reflection of this monstrous angel, a swaying shadow cast from the true light of Reality, desperately clutching to the shores of a world as pointlessly drifting as your supposed self.

But out of the black ocean, out of the bottomless cavern and the wide-opened tomb, a song is sung; an oracular song of cold murder and wordless revelation, of infernal mysteries and sacred abominations. And it says: "γνῶθι σεαυτόν"

—Irkallian Oracle



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