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Invisible Oranges is a proud partner of Signal Rex’s first North Dissonant Voices multimedia festival in January. NDV is set to become an annual gathering of Portuguese literature, music, performing and visual arts done by individuals or groups. The promoters at NDV say the festival is “for dissonant people who like to explore beyond what's already been seen."

The first installment will take place in Porto, Portugal, at an underground venue called Cave 45, on January 2, 2016. Audiences will enjoy five bands along with an art exhibition, an illustrator's book release, and DJs playing sets from noise to death, electro to post.

Event organizers say they’re not trying to be the biggest or baddest. What they do want to do is present uncompromising artists to open-minded people, and create something new and unique.

Bands scheduled to perform is the black metal/noise project by Miguel Béco, Atila; the black, atmospheric black metal from Porto’s Örök; sludgy black metal from Lisbon’s Vaee Solis; more black metal from Porto, Nevoa; and Memoirs of a Secret Empire, from Vouzela, Portugal, which the band’s Bandcamp describes as experimental, atmospheric, doom, melancholic, noise, and post-something.

Pedro Esteves will release his book, Fogo Adverso at NDV, and João Filipe Pais will present an art exhibition called Gongs & Cymbals. He’s a drummer/percussionist and sound sculptor from Porto with a history of playing in both his own and many other bands. His art explores the construction of gongs, cymbals, and other metal percussion instruments, and both the acoustic and sculptural properties of these objects.

— Vanessa Salvia

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