Doug Moore and Fred Pessaro stepped up to the plate to play the latest and greatest in heavy music on the weekly Invisible Oranges show at East Village Radio on Tuesday night (8/13), roping in Brandon Stosuy of Pitchfork/Show No Mercy fame for some interview segments along the way. The three talked heavy music, life as a music critic, current favorites, and influence during the two hour block, all of which is available in an archived stream. Head below to see playlist of some of the tracks that dropped in between the interview segments.

In addition to the interview, we also gave away tickets to tonight's Baroness/Royal Thunder extravaganza, which goes down at Irving Plaza in NYC TONIGHT (8/14, tickets). Congrats to our lucky winner.

Tune in again on Tuesday August 20th at 10PM ET for the next edition of Invisible Oranges on East Village Radio!

. . .

Northless - "Communion"
Terrorizer - "Condemned System"
Raspberry Bulbs - "Lusty Climbing"
Windhand - "Woodbine"
Exhaustion - "Conceit"
Mgla - "With Hearts Towards None II"
Ehnahre - "Part II"
Cryptopsy - "Slit Your Guts"
Code - "Jesus Fever"
Dead in The Dirt - "Knife in the Feather"
Carcass - "Captive Bolt Pistol"
Hatred Surge - "Psychonaut"
Framtid - "Will the World Change"
All Pigs Must Die - "Primitive Fear"
Gorguts - "Forgotten Arrows"
Altar of Plagues - "Found Oval and Final"
Dismember - "The Hills Have Eyes"
Emperor - "Ye Entrancemperium"


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