Wyatt Marshall and Fred Pessaro paid tribute to the great Joey LaCaze with a segment dedicated to the Eyehategod/Outlaw Order/The Mystic Krewe of Clearlight drummer before heading into some of the latest and greatest in heavy on the weekly Invisible Oranges show. The East Village Radio show from last night (8/27) is now available in an archived stream and on the EVMobile app. Head below to see playlist of some of the tracks from last night's broadcast.

Tune in again on September 2nd at 10PM ET for the next edition of Invisible Oranges on East Village Radio, this time with very special guests Gorguts!

. . .

Eyehategod - "Dixie Whiskey"
Outlaw Order - "Mercy Shot"
Eyehategod - "Jackass in the Will of God"
The Mystic Krewe of Clearlight with Wino - "Buzzard Hill (My Backyard)"
Eyehategod - "Sister Fucker Pt I"
Ninkharsag - "Liver V Vel Reguli"
Anicon - "All in Time"
Obsequiae - "The Starlit Shore"
Weekend Nachos - "Satan Sucker"
Extreme Noise Terror - "Raping the Earth"
Nihilst - "Revel in Flesh"
Carcass - "Unfit for Human Consumption"
Raspberry Bulbs - "When a Lie Becomes a Truth"
Rhinocervs - "Untitled"
Inquisition - "Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm"
Gorguts - "Le Toit du Monde"
Exhumed - "Dysmorphic"
Oranssi Pazuzu - "Olen Aukaissut Uuden Silman"
Dodsengle - "Sun on Earth"
Heretoir - "To Follow the Sun"
Atriarch - "Parasite"
Grave Miasma - "Εέσχατος"
Windhand - "Orchard"


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