Chris Grigg of Woe


Wyatt Marshall and Doug Moore hosted IO's weekly Invisible Oranges on East Village Radio show last night. Doug and Wyatt hung out with Chris Grigg of Woe. Woe put out an excellent new album, Withdrawal, early this year; you can stream it from Candlelight Records' Bandcamp. They also played one of Revenge's two NYC shows this past weekend, which we discussed during last week's EVR show. Chris shared a notable tidbit during our chat: in the aftermath of the Revenge date, Woe is taking a break of indeterminate length from playing shows. Check out the archived stream (below) for more details.

The East Village Radio show from last night (12/10) is now available in an archived stream and on the EVRMobile app. Head below to see the playlist of some of the totally bitchin' tracks from last night's broadcast.

Tune in again on December 17th at 10PM EST for the next edition of Invisible Oranges on East Village Radio.



Bölzer – "Entranced By The Wolfshook"
The Ruins Of Beverast – "Ordeal"
Woods Of Desolation - "This Atumn Light"
Wormed - "Spacetime Ekleipsis Vorticity"
Woe - "Longing Is All That Will Remain"
Woe - "This Is The End Of The Story"
Woe - "A Treatise On Control"
Iron Reagan - "Mini Lights"
A Pregnant Light - "Lives in a Hole, No Friends"
Malthusian - "Hallucinogen"
--- - "Rovfagein"
Artificial Brain - "Absorbing Black Ignition"
Metallica - "Trapped Under Ice"
Cynic - "The Lion's Roar"
Inquisition - "Inversion Of Ethereal White Stars"
Aksumite - "Witch Doctor"
Raspberry Bulbs - "When A Lie Becomes A Truth"
Patrons of the Rotting Gate - "Pride in Descent"
Vuyvr - "Disfigured By Hatred"


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