Scab Casserole heroically held down the EVR studio solo last night as host of the weekly Invisible Oranges on East Village Radio show. While he was at it, he played loads of sweet, sweet tunes and interviewed longtime IO contributor Beth Winegarner about her upcoming book, The Columbine Effect. He also (musically) pregamed for tonight's Slayer/Gojira show in NYC, celebrated Dark Angel's presence on the MDF lineup, and spun the über-epic Ered Wethrin cut we posted earlier this week.

The East Village Radio show from last night (11/26) is now available in an archived stream and on the EVRMobile app. Head below to see the playlist of some of the totally bitchin' tracks from last night's broadcast.

Tune in again on November 26th at 10PM ET for the next edition of Invisible Oranges on East Village Radio.


TOAD — "Cosmophobia"
Young Hunter — "Welcome to Nothing"
Ered Wethrin — "Into the Stars"
Venom — "Possessed"
Judas Priest — "Better By You, Better Than Me"
Ozzy Osbourne — "Suicide Solution"
AC/DC — "Night Prowler"
Slayer — "Postmortem"
Slayer — "Raining Blood"
Black Breath — "Home of the Grave"
Triptykon — "Shatter"
Dark Angel — "Merciless Death"
Nekrofilth — "Crave the Grave"
Babylon Whores — "Hand of Glory"
Satan's Wrath — "Only Satan is Lord"
Overkill — "Thank you for Nothing"
Gojira — "Planned Obsolescence"


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