The tried and true Scab Casserole and Wyatt Marshall hosted IO's weekly Invisible Oranges on East Village Radio show last night. The show—a real bruiser—was brought to you by Irving Plaza, and les dudes gave away tickets to the Invisible Oranges presented Agalloch show at Irving Plaza on June 30th. Tickets for that show, which will feature support from Jex Thoth, are on sale.

Wyatt and Scab played buttloads of metal, including sweet new tracks by Triptykon, Mutant Supremacy and Lord Mantis and old guards like Autopsy and Slayer. Be sure to check out our Invisible Oranges presents show this Friday at The Acheron in Brooklyn, New York, featuring Chasse Galerie, Abazagorath, Vorde, One Master and Grue. Tickets for that are on sale, too.

Start your day off awful and listen to the archived stream if you missed it, and head below for our totally bitchin' playlist.



Agalloch - Dark Matter Gods
Sujo - REPENT// Repent
Autopsy - King of Flesh Ripped
Enthroned - The Edge of Agony
Mutant Supremacy - Omens FromThe Dead
A Pregnant Light - Ringfinger
Christian Cosmos - Behold, A Sower Went out to Sow
Obliti Devoravit - Oblique Diversions
1349 - Slaves
Aborted - Coffin Upon Coffin
Lord Mantis - Coil
Akitsa - Loyaute
Secret Creation - My Candle Fears it Won't Be Burned Holding
Black Anvil - Eventide
Triptykon - Demon Pact
Chasse Galerie - Le Bois des Belles
Cult of Fire - Navrat Zarneho Zia
Slayer - The Antichrist
Slayer - Angel of Death

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