Doug Moore and Scab Casserole hosted IO's weekly Invisible Oranges on East Village Radio show last night. Last night's show was brought to you by the Children of Bodom Halo of Blood North American Tour, featuring Tyr and Death Angel — the guys gave away tickets to the stops at the House of Blues in Houston and Dallas. Stay tuned to the East Village Radio Facebook and Twitter for more chances to win tickets to other stops on the tour, and be sure to listen to the IO on EVR show next week, when we'll be giving out more tickets.

Scab and Doug played loads of metal, including tracks by Sarke, Jute Gyte, Yautja and Hull—Hull stopped by the studio to talk with Le Dudes, so check out the archive to hear the interview. One juicy bit of info—the Hull guys said they are forming a band with Mike Hill from Tombs, Fade Kainer from Batillus and Charlie Schmid from Vaura. Damn, sick, dope, etc.

The East Village Radio show from last night (2/25) is now available in an archived stream and on the EVRMobile app. Head below to see the playlist of some of the totally buttrockin' tracks from last night's broadcast.

Tune in again on March 4 at 10PM EST for the next edition of Invisible Oranges on East Village Radio.



Deicide - "Satan Spawn"
Bloodbath - "The Soulcollector"
Immolation - "Fall From a High Place"
Hull - "Swamp Goat"
Sarke - "Ugly"
Clarify - "Indian"
Warning - "Footprints"
Hull - "In Death, Truth"
Mutilation Rites "Blood Will Tell"
Enthroned - "Wrapped In Fire
Heathen Reign - "Follow Me"
Children of Bodom - "Downfall"
Death Angel - "Evil Priest"
Tyr - "Wings Of Time"
Jute Gyte - "Endless Moths Swarming"
Nekromantheon - "Gringo Death"
Yautja - "Faith Resigned"
Dephosphorus - "Reversed Into Contraction"


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