Paul Speckmann is practically an institution. He's one of those musicians that gives the illusion that he's always been around, and always will be. First recognized for time spent in War Cry and Death Strike in the early eighties, Speckmann then committed to Master, the classic death metal band he has carried through countless record label and member changes.

Today the band continues to feed off the growls, blast beats, and tempo changes of yore, citing Slayer and Venom as their main influences. Such comparisons can't be denied when you hear The New Elite, the band's eleventh full-length via Pulverised Records, which will be released on August 14th.

The record's first single will be "New Reforms", which we have right here for your listening pleasure. A word of warning: headbanging is mandatory.

— Kelly Kettering

MASTER - "New Reforms"


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