For many metal acts the word “industrial” is simply an adjective to throw around. For Batillus, who hail from the home of skyscrapers and 24-hour Starbucks known as New York City, this workman-like take on pressurized doom metal is not just another sonic layer, but a sense of being.

"Mirrors" is one of six one-word tracks that make up the band's sophomore full-length, Concrete Sustain. Throughout their many EPs and splits I have yet to hear one Batillus song sound sloppy or out of place, and "Mirrors" is no exception. Beginning at a torturous crawl, the song then erupts in fury with vocals from lead vocalist Fade Kainer (the most awesome name in rock 'n roll since Ace Frehley). The church bells in the background only add to what is already an eerie track.

Concrete Sustain will be available in full on March 19th; Write that date down, you won't want to miss it.

— Kelly Kettering


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