L.A.’s Lightning Swords of Death play the kind of black metal that makes you smile despite of yourself. It's evil, blasphemous, violent and just self-aware enough about all those traits that it never becomes off-puttingly menacing or misanthropic. If you question LSOD’s dedication to having a good time, look no further than the stage name of member Inverted Chris. Tongue, meet cheek.

Check out the exclusive new track “R’lyeh Wuurm” and the title track from Baphometic Chaosivm, the band’s first album since 2010’s The Extra Dimensional Wound. The song’s pounding drums and buzzsaw guitar riffs don’t echo the alienation of the ’90s Norwegians or the Cascadian bleakness of those on the Western seaboard. No, this is celebration rock — celebration of Lovecraftian horror, sure, but celebration nonetheless.

Baphometic Chaosivm is out January 22nd on Metal Blade Records.

- Brad Sanders

Lightning Swords of Death - "R'lyeh Wuurm"

Lightning Swords of Death - "Baphometic Chaosivm"