When it comes to "The Age of Aquarius" the first thing that comes to my mind are peace, love, hippies, and the musical "Hair". Not surprisingly, none of those things come to mind when I listen to "The Sins of Aquarius", the first full-length album from Mongrel's Cross, a thrash/black metal band hailing from Brisbane, Australia.

Opening with a track of Transylvanian organ which fades away with a Prince of Darkness shout-out, "The Sins of Aquarius" erupts as the rest of the album plummets to the bowels of hell.  Sonically tighter than their previous EP, Whoresanna, it's clear Mongrel's Cross have learned to keep the pummel-level high without causing a sonic bangover before you reach album's end.

We will be streaming the album in full all week; feel free to dive into the filth repeatedly. "The Sins of Aquarius" comes out next Tuesday, July 3rd, on Hells Headbangers.

The stream for this album has ended.

Mongrel's Cross - "The Sins of Aquarius"

Mongrel's Cross - "Rabid Inception"

Mongrel's Cross - "Lead Them From the Promised Land"

Mongrels Cross - "Hunters of the Born Again"

Mongrel's Cross - "Indulge the Temple"

Mongrel's Cross - "Revelations Transpire"

Mongrel's Cross - "When the Dragon Gives Birth"

— Kelly Kettering


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