After nearly 20 years of make-ups, break-ups and heartache, 16 is a band that knows a thing or two about anguish, and anguish is at the beaten, blackened heart of all good West Coast sludge.

Due out April 26 is Deep Cuts From Dark Clouds, the band's first album in nearly three years. As lead singer Cris Jerue told Invisible Oranges writer Justin M. Norton:

It took us 20 years to write this record. We had to narrow things down and fine-tune this formula to the four people who wanted it the most. There have been like 14 people in this band. Now it seems like we have the right group to make good music...

Since [2009's] Bridges To Burn came out I had a real shitty three years. I can laugh at it now because I lived through it. That’s what this whole record is about. I have a whole different viewpoint. I could have died, and I guess I’ve been seeing things differently. When I listen to Bridges To Burn now, I bore myself. But this record gets crazy without getting in your face with the negativity. I mean, it’s just as pissed but not as pissed at the same time.

"If I can't have you, no one will!" Jerue sneers on "Her Little Accident", the third track on Deep Cuts. And while Jerue has had the record, none of us have -- until today.

— Kelly Kettering

16 - "Theme From Pillpopper"

16 - "Parasite"

16 - "Her Little Accident"

16 - "The Sad Clown"

16 - "Ants in my Bloodstream"

16 - "Broom Pusher"

16 - "Opium Hook"

16 - "Bowels of a Baby Killer"

16 - "Beyond Fixable"

16 - "Only Photographs Remain"

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