For some time, SVN OKKLT has been a treasure trove of obscure lo-fi black and death metal mp3s tucked into a dusty corner of the web. Visited by those seeking rips of small press cassettes and vinyl, SVN OKKLT has been one hell of a resource, bringing albums and demos, often limited to editions of 100 or less, from bands like Xothist, Rhinocervs, Monarque, Forteresse, Trist and many more to a wider audience.

SVN OKKLT works closely with many of the bands that have been featured on the blog, and to showcase some of the best of the best, SVN OKKLT has put together a double cassette of new material from “SVN OKKLT” bands—some that have been featured on SVN OKKLT before, others that are in keeping with the aesthetic and values the blog embraces.

Stream the SVN OKKLT compilation below. The comp is available for purchase from Fallen Empire Records, a close affiliate of SVN OKKLT, and will be available to download, for free, from the Fallen Empire Bandcamp on Monday (where you'll also find a number of other "Name Your Price" goodies.) Some early favorites are tracks from Witch in Her Tomb, Tardigrada, Xothist, and Dressed in Streams.

-Wyatt Marshall


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