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haarp's new record may be titled Husks, but in my mind it might as well be called "Porridge" because it does more than a few things just right. Obviously adjusted way below standard tuning, this album is slow and low enough to qualify as sludge/doom, but still retains the 'rock' part of rock 'n roll--it isn't so bottomed out that it can't be followed.

And then "singer" Shaun Emmons shows up with his vocals that are reminiscent of hardcore, but pushed to a deeper level of dark and heavy. I can appreciate a man who brings just the right amount of growl and grunt.

As a follow-up to haarp's first full-length, The Filth, we get less of a departure and more of a continuation of that harrowing sound on the three 9-minute-plus tracks of Husks. Why fix what ain't broke? Like I said, Husks is just right. We will be streaming the album in full via the players below until the day of release on Tuesday, September 18th.

— Kelly Kettering

This stream is no longer available.


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