Blood, skulls and crucifixion have been major themes in metal for quite some time; however, I have never seen  a band amp up the grim and create an album cover that shows the slitting of Jesus' wrists as the blood pours into a skull. (Not even Cannibal Corpse!) So imagine my surprise when this is the image that greets me on the front of Goatwhore's new album Blood For The Master, to be released on Valentine's Day.

Taking things to the next level of gruesome translates past the artwork on this album and pertains to the music as well.  Relentless riffs, blackened thrash and perfectly executed tempo shifts abound, proving that Goatwhore has only been improving upon their tormented tunage since 2009's Carving out the Eyes of God.

This contest end at midnight on February 13th. For your chance to win a copy of this egregious example of sacrilege on its oddly romantic release date, tell us in the comments below what album(s) you plan to get busy to this Valentine's Day, metal or otherwise. Warning: This comment section is about to get raunchy.

— Kelly Kettering