Aborted has been around the block. After 16 years, six studio ablums and many, many members, this Belgian band has mastered the art of grinding seduction, and their latest album, Global Flatline, brings the pain. All of the classic elements of death metal are there: slowly elevating intros, squealing guitars, punishing vocals and double bass for days.

Recorded in Denmark, a few select guest vocalists make appearances, including Jason Netherton of Misery Index. And as is to be expected, gruesomely apocalyptic cover art is effectively utilized. The album is being released today, but for your chance to win a free copy, tell us in the comments below which previous Aborted album is your favorite (and why).

The contest will end at midnight on January 3o and the winner will be contacted by us. As always, you must have a mailing address in the continental U.S. to win.

— Kelly Kettering


No Clean Singing (Stream)

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Century Media (CD)

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