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When Invisible Oranges editor Aaron Lariviere told me of his desire to step down, I intended to shut the site down. (I continued to own the site after leaving its daily operations in September 2011.) Running a blog the size of IO is difficult, and no successors to Aaron were readily in sight.

Then, at the urging of a frequent and skilled contributor to IO, photographer Greg Cristman, Fred Pessaro approached me with a plan to unite BV and IO. BV is Brooklyn Vegan, an indie rock blog that has amassed formidable reach despite its name. (It began as a food blog.) Fred handles metal content for BV, which means that he operates in enemy territory. If any crowd can be nastier and more judgmental than metalheads, it's indie rockers. (I'll avoid the h-word; it's tiresome.) The comments sections for Fred's metal posts at BV are cesspools rivaling Blabbermouth's. Fred has had it tough.

And yet he's been tough, cranking out metal content for BV with consistency and timeliness. He's shot photos, published tour dates, premiered new audio, and put on shows - the most thankless yet perhaps most essential job in metal's infrastructure. Fred has done great work for the cause.

His plan was simple: combine his news content at BV with IO's editorial content. IO's content would thus grow in scope and frequency. BV, with its superior financial and technical resources, would run IO. I liked the plan. I want people to do what they're meant to do. Fred is meant to run a metal blog. In his years at BV, he's shown the dedication and skill to do so. In discussions with me about IO's future, he's shown the vision to do so. The merger may seem like an unlikely match, but I have full confidence in Fred and Dave (BV's founder) to grow IO while staying true to its ideals.

As of now, BV has taken over IO. Fred will be IO's next editor-in-chief. The InvisibleOranges.com URL will stay intact. IO will remain a site dedicated to metal, as it should be. Metal is bigger than any of us, but it depends on human shoulders to hoist it. I'm happy to pass IO's torch to Fred and Dave. Please welcome them and help them make IO the best metal community it can be.

— Cosmo Lee

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There are very few web sites that command the deserved respect of the mighty Invisible Oranges, not only for its near perfect curation but for its stellar writing. Since inception, IO has proven to be the rightful powerhouse and an authority on all things heavy. We feel humbled and honored to not only be a part of such a prestigious zine, but to be helping ensure its long-term survival.

We will strive to live up IO's stellar reputation the only way we know how, through hard work and determination. We hope that we can make you all proud while promoting and discussing the music we mutually love.

If you want blood, you got it.

— Fred Pessaro and the BrooklynVegan staff

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