Invisible Oranges VS EVR


Last night featured a return from the Invisible Oranges gang on East Village Radio, roping in co-host and interview subject David Castillo of Saint Vitus in Brooklyn, a member of both White Widows Pact (formerly White Widows) and Primitive Weapons. Host Wyatt Marshall discussed his bands and the bar, while burning through tracks new and old. Stream the latest episode at East Village Radio, and head HERE to check out last night's show. Check below for the playlist. Tune in again on Tuesday June 11th at 10PM ET for the next edition of Invisible Oranges on East Village Radio, which will feature more of your favorite tracks of yesteryear, today and the future!

— Fred Pessaro

. . .

Ramming Speed - "Grinding Dissent"
Black Breath - "Feast of the Damned"
ASG - "Mourning of the Earth"
Infest - "Fetch the Pliers"
Coffins - "The Vacant Pale Vessel"
Deadguy - "Die with Your Mask On"
Primitive Weapons - "Quitters Anthem"
Vaura - "Vanth"
A Pregnant Light - "Lives in Hole, No Friends"
Cobalt - "Blood Eagle Sacrfice"
Inter Arma - "The Survival Fires"
All Pigs Must Die - "Pulverization"
White Widows Pact - "El Marrano"
Mind Over Matter - "Automanipulation"
Hatred Surge - "Skinjob"
Aksumite - "Ministry of Sinister of Divinations"
Woods of Desolation - "Torn Beyond Reason"
Church of Misery - "Brother Bishop"
Pyrrhon - "Implant Fever"
Forteresse - "Le Triomphe Des Douze"