Invisible Oranges VS EVR


Last night Invisible Oranges returned to East Village Radio, roping in an exclusive and rare interview with Erik Wunder and Phil McSorely of Cobalt and Man's Gin. Hosts Wyatt Marshall and Doug Moore discussed Cobalt's upcoming dates, Man's Gin and played tracks new and old in anticipation of this weekend's Maryland Deathfest. Stream the latest episode at East Village Radio, and tune in to last night's show. Check below for the playlist. Tune in again on Tuesday June 4th at 10PM ET for the next edition of Invisible Oranges on East Village Radio, where we’ll have another special guest in the studio and play exclusive tracks and the latest in heavy music.

— Fred Pessaro

. . .

Aosoth - "Temple of Knowledge"
Pig Destroyer - "Genital Grinder/ Regurgitation of Gibblets"
Raspberry Bulbs - "Groping the Angels Face"
Tragedy - "Call to Arms"
Quincunx - "Commit to Black"
Sivyi Yar - "The Dawns were Drifting as Before"
Bolt Thrower - "The Killchain"
Righteous Pigs - "Overdose"
Noisem - "Agony Defined"
Bolzer - "Entranced by the Wolfshook"
Svart Crown - "A Place of Hatred and Threat"
Motherbrain - "Scumbag"
Cobalt - "Stomach"
Unsane - "Ha Ha Ha"
Torche - "Charge of the Brown Recluse"
Man's Gin - "Inspiration"
Akista - "Les Sentinelles"
Man's Gin - "Hibernation Time"
Cobalt - "Gin"


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