Invisible Oranges VS EVR


Scab Casserole and Fred Pessaro held down the fort at East Village Radio last night, blessing the Invisible Oranges show with tunes new and classic as part of the weekly event. Surprise guests Robert Nelson (Mutant Supremacy/Skullshitter/Trenchgrinder) and Owen Rundquist (Anicon, Trenchgrinder) also stopped in, and we discussed the latest Mutant Supremacy 7" (stream a pair of tracks) and forthcoming tour, played a brand new Anicon track, and discussed their various bands and forthcoming endeavors. If you missed it, check out an archived stream and head below for the playlist from this week that included tracks by Lycus, Void Meditation Cult, Salvation, Autopsy and so much more.

Tune in again on Tuesday July 16th at 10PM ET for the next edition of Invisible Oranges on East Village Radio!

. . .

Lycus - "Coma Burn"
Hatred Surge - "Innoculation"
Exhaustion - "Inessential"
Kvelertak - "Bloodtorst"
Autopsy - "Running from the Goathead"
Carpathian Forest - "Cloak of Midnight"
Revolting - "The Plague of Matul"
Oathbreaker - "No Rest for the Weary"
Void Meditation Cult - "Obedience to Evil"
Salvation - "The Tethered Man"
Integrity - "Detonate Worlds Plague"
Melvins - "Hooch"
Mutant Supremacy - "Gruesome Tableau"
Amon Amarth - "Death in Fire"
Sannhet - "Haunches"
HOD - "I Am Destroyer"
Anicon - "Through Portals Shed"
Clandestine Blaze - "Autumn of Blood and Steel"
Kreigshog - "Just Because"
Slayer - "Necrophiliac"
Bathory - "For All Those Who Died"
Kreator - "Dying Victims"


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