Invisible Oranges VS EVR


Invisible Oranges on East Village Radio hosted surprise guests Shane Matthewson and Andrew LaCour of the great KEN Mode, who discussed their recent, and seemingly neverending tour, Entrench, fellow noise-core gods Dave Verellen and Tim Singer, and much much more. Did we mention "Stone Cold" Steve Austin made an appearance? Find out more about last night's show at East Village Radio, and head HERE for an archived stream of last night. Head below for the playlist.

Tune in again on Tuesday June 25th at 10PM ET for the next edition of Invisible Oranges on East Village Radio, which will feature a live interview with Deafheaven, along with your favorite tracks of yesteryear, today and the future!

. . .

Deafhaven - "Sunbather"
Van Halen - "Panama"
Speedwolf - "Hell and Back"
Young Hunter - "Cities of Back Mesa"
The Crown - "Devil Gate Ride"
Inter Arma - "The Survival Fires"
KEN mode - "Your Heart Warming Story Makes Me Sick"
Desecrecy - "The Scepter of Damnation"
Altar of Plagues - "Scald Scar of Water"
Ozzy Osbourne - "Mama, I'm Coming Home"
Acme - "Blind"
Full of Hell - "The Lord is My Light"
Locrian - "Two Moons"
Trap Them - "Fucking Viva"
Destroyer 666 - "I Am the Wargod"
The Black Dahlia Murder - "Blood Mine"
KEN mode - "The Promises of God"
Bastard - "Misery"
Nunslaughter - "So Vile"
Godflesh - "Wound"


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