Pig Destroyer at Maryland Deathfest 2013 (more by Fred Pessaro)
Pig Destroyer


Scab Casserole and Doug Moore repaid at East Village Radio on Tuesday night (7/30), holding down the fort at the weekly Invisible Oranges show with a live interview with JR Hayes of Pig Destroyer along side some of the the latest/greatest in heavy. If you missed it, check out an archived stream and head below for the playlist from this week that included tracks by Swans, TOAD, Sargeist, Unsane and Pig Destroyer among others.

Tune in again on Tuesday August 6th at 10PM ET for the next edition of Invisible Oranges on East Village Radio, this time with special guest Bill Dozer of Trenchgrinder/HASJ and The Acheron in Brooklyn!

. . .

Swans - "Half Life"
Subrosa - "Cosey Mo"
Pig Destroyer - "Machiavellian"
Pig Destroyer - "Permanent Funeral"
Pig Destroyer - "Junkyard God"
Toad - "Taste of the Grave"
Lightning Swords of Death - "Oaken Chrysalis"
Impaled - "Back to the Grave"
Orbweaver - "Those of Non-Being"
Unsane - "Out"
Noisear - "In-N-Out-Murder"
Pig Destroyer - "Heathen Temple"
Dismember - "Silent are the Watchers"
Immortal - "Mount North"
Dark Angel - "Merciless Death"
Gorguts - "Colored Sands"
Russian Circles - "Fathom"
Babylon Whores - "Death in Prague"
At the Gates - "Suicide Nation"
Sargeist - "From the Black Coffin Lair"

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