Invisible Oranges is pleased to team up with the ongoing Chaos Bodies series to present Geryon, Gates ONEIROGEN and New Firmament at Trans Pecos this Thursday, October 2. We hope to see you there.

Geryon's one we're excited for. The experimental death metal drums and bass duo from Krallice's Nicholas McMaster and Lev Weinstein brought a shot of innovation to the genre with its debut LP late last year. Canada's Gates speaks a different language, a captivating brand of ambient experimental doom that moves from droning to chaotically crushing. ONEIROGEN's no stranger to IO-presented shows—the one man band's experimental and ethereal looping metal is a thing of beauty. New Firmament, from Baltimore, creates lush, deep and dark ambient soundscapes.

A little bit about Chaos Bodies—it's an ongoing series presented by Charlie Looker and Andrew Hock (RIP Castevet), both of Psalm Zero. The series showcases exciting metal and electronics acts—look out for future installments. Looker and Hock sat down with Noisey a while back to talk about the series, which they consider a kind of extension of Psalm Zero.

Head over to the event's Facebook page for more info. Tickets are ten bucks at the door, which opens at 8p—see you there.

— Wyatt Marshall


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