A legend arises from a mighty slumber. Now over two decades ago, Australia’s diSEMBOWELMENT challenged death metal’s conventions with their lengthy, atmospheric, crushing debut, Transcendence Into The Peripheral. The world lost diSEMBOWELMENT shortly thereafter, but their influence rumbled outward, cited as a prime influence by countless death, black, and doom metal bands.

After a slow rebirth as "d.usk" (featuring two of the original four members of diSEMOBWELMENT), Inverloch has been steadily honing their craft from since 2011, but their upcoming, long awaited debut Distance | Collapsed is the result of twenty years of stern, slow-handed gestation.

Our favorite song from that album, "From The Eventide Pool," streaming below, scrapes the abyssal depths of doomed misery. With this song, Inverloch carries a great weight and deep sadness - the great giant has awoken and is despondent. Sandwiched between two of Distance | Collapsed’s more rabid, death metally moments, "From The Eventide Pool" acts as a bit of a respite, but only superficially. The raw emotion carried throughout this glacial track sets it in a different category of heaviness: the impenetrable, inescapable darkness of depression.

A 22 year gap will close upon Distance | Collapsed’s March 4 release on Relapse Records. Plumb the depths of despondency with an exclusive stream of "From The Eventide Pool" below.

—Jon Rosenthal



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Inverloch will be touring in Europe with support from Usnea. Check the dates:

4/14/2016 Roadburn Festival - Tilburg, NL *

4/15/2016 Bruxelles, BE

4/17/2016 Regensburg, DE

4/18/2016 Bologna, IT

4/19/2016 Trieste, IT

4/20/2016 Karlsruhe, DE

4/22/2016 Oviedo, ES

4/23/2016 SWR Festival - Barroselas, PT

*No Usnea


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